For over 2 years Evermore has been leading the way in blockchain file storage solutions with our desktop and web based client allowing everyday people to store data permanently at super low costs on the blockchain.

In 2022 we will be making new developments in new areas of technology and we very excited to let you all know that Evermore will now become completely free to use!

Free to use?

We understand that all our users love using the service and continue to upload and manage their data using mainly our web based client so we’ve decided that we are removing all upload service charges from the web client and removing the desktop client availability starting Jan 3rd 2022.

This effectively makes the service free to access and use and the only costs paid will be to the Arweave network for uploading data! So now Evermore costs are lower than ever!

Pastures new!

As you know, Evermore is developed by Mike Hibbert and his company Hibbert IT Solutions Limited in the UK and they are always creating new and innovative technology and that is going to be the theme for 2022!

A number of projects are planned for this year and we are moving in the direction of Blockchain, VR and Game development as a focus for our projects and offerings so we have exciting things planned!

Ongoing Support

Will Evermore be actively supported going forward? Well thats not so simple to answer for the following reasons:

For these reasons we feel its time to just let Evermore fly free into the wild and see what happens.

Starting in early January 2022 we’ll be removing support for usage payments and Evermore will simply upload data for our users at the cost it takes to pay for the transaction on the Arweave network. So you only pay to use the Arweave blockchain and access to Evermore will be free for as long as we can keep it available.

You will of course always have access to your data on the blockchain and any NFTs minted are still accessible through your wallet and can be accessed via so you will never be without a way to download or view your permanent data.

Evermore is a blockchain dApp that lets you store your data on the blockchain. You data is free to download forever without subscription.