So what is Evermore Token?

Evermore is build upon the Arweave blockchain but its not just a great way to permanently store you data.

Evermore is built using the Arweave ‘Profit Sharing Community Framework’ which means that anyone owning Evermore tokens gains advantages in other ways too.


  • HODLers of Evermore token can receive shares of revenue generated by users when saving their data in Evermore. This is 20% of the cost of storing the data and is distributed based on how many tokens are held.
  • Tokens also entitle owners to participate in community decisions/governance regarding the direction of Evermore and any features or enhancements that should be added.
  • As time goes by the value of the tokens will increase and be available to trade
  • Tokens may also at some future point be used to power smart contracts and other yet to be realized benefits to members


The purpose of these competitions is to raise awareness of the Evermore system and its benefits and add value to our existing members

Non-Fungible Tokens

We want to be able to provide a system that allows for easy creation and management of this content with little concern for the size or type of data contained!

Arweave is currently the only true way you can permanently own your NFT and thats why we built our system to store data on this platform

To that end, if you create an NFT on Evermore it is permanent and truly belongs to the authenticated owners of NFTs.





Evermore is a blockchain dApp that lets you store your data on the blockchain. You data is free to download forever without subscription.